Corn Dog Baker  - Model BCD - 80





  • Pre-set thermostat for consistent baking
  • Built in timer
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Cast aluminum cooking grids permanently coated with an easy-clean surface
  • Three-foot heavy duty cord with grounded plug
  • Extended service warranty


  • 120/208/230 Volts
  • 1650 Watts
  • 42 lbs shipping weight
  • 6 x 1 1/2" cooking surface per corn dog
  • Height 12" (closed)
                 26" (open)
  • Width 11"
  • Depth 25"

Remember the fun of eating a corn dog on a stick?  ... But having that greasy, heavy aftertaste?

COBATCO saves the fun and eliminates the grease with its new Fresh-Baked Corn Dog!  Our corn dog batter mix has just the right blend of savory ingredients to create a light, crusty shell. 

Just put a wiener or sausage on a stick and place it in the baker.  Cover with our baked corn dog mix and bake.  Add this "treat" to your menu without adding all the mess that goes with deep-fat frying. 

Fresh Baked Corn Cakes are also great as a light, side garnish to chili and soups. 

Batter Mix:

COBATCO Fresh Baked Corn Dog mix has a subtle sweetness accompanied by a ground corn texture.  It's our version of this traditionally fried presentation.  Milled complete-all you add is water.  Packed six 5-lb bags to a case or in bulk. 





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