Donut Baker  - Model DI -60


  • Pre-set thermostat for consistent baking
  • Built in timer
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Cast aluminum cooking grids permanently coated with an easy-clean surface
  • Three-foot heavy duty cord with grounded plug
  • Extended service warranty


  • 120/208/230 Volts
  • 1650 Watts
  • 42 lbs shipping weight
  • 3 1/4" cooking surface per donut
  • Height 12" (closed)
                 26" (open)
  • Width 11"
  • Depth 25"

Imagine the sweet, rich smell of fresh donuts without the unpleasant mess and odor of hot grease!  The easy to use COBATCO Donut Baker creates fresh cake donuts on the spot, right in your own store. 

Serve them plain, frost them, or dust them with cinnamon or powdered sugar.  As a menu item or a carry-out specialty, these freshly-baked, fragrant donuts are perfect for ice cream parlors, convenience stores, delis or restaurants. 

And baked donuts are lower in calories, lower in cholesterol, and higher in profit potential because NO GREASE IS NEEDED for cooking. 

Batter Mix:

Milled complete with a rich but light COBATCO flavor of either Fresh Baked Vanilla Donut or Fresh Baked Chocolate Donut.  Packed six 5lb bags to a case (Also available in 50 lb bulk)




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